Thursday, December 13, 2007

Forklift Safety tips

While forklifts are handy tools to have around, they can be dangerous for the operators and even more so for the people around the lifts.

Often the person injured is not the operator but pedestrians in the material handling area. Often injuries to operators occur when the operator is not on the lift.

For more forklift safety tips see this blog:

Proper maintenance is also essential for safe forklift operation. To get the right parts for your lift at the right prices see

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Build a Working Toy Backhoe for your Child!

Do you want a unique gift for your child? One that will inspire him to enjoy the construction industry as much as you do?

What could be more fun than a real working backhoe to use in his sandbox?

Click the link below to get a set of plans so you can build your little builder his own working backhoe. They have plans for both metal and wood creations.

Click now to get the elves working in time for Christmas.

Click here for the plans!

Jeep Preventive Maintenance Tip

Last nigh while doing some Christmas shopping my Jeep Cherokee started making a horrible noise. I stopped to check it out and found that the idler pulley had spit out all it bearings and was just running on the races. Luckily, the belt stayed in place while I went to the local parts store and back to my shop.

The interesting thing about this failure was that there was no warning. On my off road jeep the idler pulley has been squeaking for years but has never failed. This one never made a sound before it catastrophically failed.

So, if you Jeep has a few miles on it you might want to consider changing out the idler pulley as preventive maintenance. I was lucky that the pulley did not cut the water line although it did make a nasty mark on it.

To help you out, I am offering a Holiday special on the idler pulley for the XJ. Order before the end of January and I will sell you one for $12 plus shipping to your location. Shipping to most places is $11. We can also combine shipping if you order others items and ship them for that same $11.

See for more Jeep Parts information.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

A funny forklift story

Here is a great story submitted by Matt Gibson:

Don't know if this fits what you're looking for - but it does involve a forklift and material handling.....and poop. Yep, poop.

Click here to read more....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Forklift Toy Museum

This exclusive collection is the result of a passion for the forklift business and everything related to it. The collection belongs to the families Thermote & Vanhalst, founders of TVH Group Thermote &Vanhalst, who started collecting forklift scale models many years ago. Since then this collection expanded year by year.

Theirs are not for sale but we have access to many of the same models. See for our selection.

Forklift Toys

Just in time for Christmas, IP&E has secured a line of cool forklift toys. These are top quality scale models of your favorite material handling equipment.

Click here to access the catalog.