Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fork Lift Parts

Industrial Products and Equipment can now supply all your fork lift parts needs. We have access to over 2,600,0000 replacement parts and accessories for forklifts and other industrial equipment.

Check out our catalogs for fork lift parts, material handing equipment, fork lift accessories and some really cool toys in the promotional catalog.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Tires

Industrial Products and Equipment can supply Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Tires for your Jeep or other off road truck.

We offer all the common sizes for Jeeps and other 4x4 trucks. Call or email for a price quote.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fork Lift parts

If you own a fork lift you are going to need parts. Whether you own a single lift truck or a whole fleet, IP&E can get you the parts you need to maintain your fork lifts so that they continue to be reliable and produce in come for you.

IP&E can supply parts for most brands of fork lifts as well as fork lift tires and other material handling equipment.

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Restroom Partitions

Industrial Products and Equipment, Inc. has just added the Marlite Line of materials. Marlite make s variety of Fiberglass reinforced panels (FRP) and other plastic laminate products.

Their line of restroom partitions is extremely durable and very nice looking.

Check out this line for your next project that involves a restroom facility.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bobcat 763 for sale - sold!

This Bobcat has been sold.

We currently have this good used Bobcat 763 for sale. 2,300 hours. It starts easily and runs well. $8,500

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Ways to make sourcing parts & equipment efficiently

The best way to cut down time is to have all important information recorded when it comes to ordering parts or even equipment.

When I say important information I mean the following:

1)Name of part & equipment- (I.E.:)Some bobcat skid steers have Kubota engines.

2)Complete Part number(s)-Always, Always have a part number. One number off can make the world of a difference, in fact possibly hundreds of dollars difference.

3)Where the part is located- If for some reason the part description and numbers don't add up (such as Bobcat changing part numbers) it helps to have a description of where the part is located on the equipment.

4)Serial numbers- Serial numbers can also make the world of a difference in ensuring the correct part and price is quoted.

5)Specify if you are wanting new and or used parts. It helps tremendously to know what you are looking for. Granted, searching for used parts takes longer-though it may save you money in the long run.

6) How long are you willing to wait? Typically turn around time is approximately one week. There are times though that a part is backordered or has to be taken off dismantled equipment, meaning it may take a few weeks to a few months.

7)Include a complete phone number and address with a zip code (for shipping purposes) so that we can contact you with a correct quote!

These things together can speed the process up for us as well as your business.

Whether you are a business owner, contractor or even a landscaper, Industrial Products & Equipment is here to do work for you while you maintain business.

My personal background comes from working at a nursery for nearly six years gradually going up the ladder from a mere plant water girl to office manager/secretary to the owner. I could operate and use John Deere 6675 and 270 skid steers all over the nursery including loading mulch for customers and our landscape crew when necessary. Of course I also could switch from the bucket to the forks to remove b&b trees and shrubs off the company trucks.

As the office manager/secretary I made countless trips to our local John Deere dealer ordering/picking up parts and equipment being repaired.

One of my greatest accomplishments has to be fixing one of the skid steers to relieve the stress of moving heavy 20+ gallon trees around a 13 acre nursery. One of two 270 skid steers had been left out at the owner's farm for about a week or so unprotected. Field rats had chewed through some of the wires and at first the landscape foreman thought it was just a fuse that went bad. Unfortunately the bucket was flat on the ground and the joysticks refused to work. Eventually he decided he would pop a wheelie to get it on the trailer and bring it back to the nursery, 20 minutes away.

After work a gentelman would come by to work on the skid steer and replaced the fuses as well as repaired some wires. For about a day and half that worked. Then it quit again. The retail part of the nursery was without a skid steer-to load mulch, trees, shrubs and of course the ability to move plants around the nursery without breaking our backs.

It was eventually determined that the guage panel needed to be replaced, including the ignition switch- all located above your head.

Two days later I finally had enough of being without something to help everyone move plants around and losing business over what I considered a simple task to fix.

I called the John Deere dealer in regards to the guage panel as to if it had arrived. Sure enough it had. I then called Travis, the young gentleman that works on the skid steers after business hours for us. He agreed to walk me through the process of changing out the panels. I was excited.

I skipped lunch to go get the guage panel. I come back screwdriver (required the star head, mind you)and all. I easily unscrewed the defective panel, unplugging everything and changed out the ignition switch. I finally got the new guage panel installed.

Now came the time to crank the skid steer and see if if the bucket would move. I admit I was anxious. I put my seat belt on and flipped the safety switch and pressed the pedal down that operates the bucket itself. It worked! I tested the boom to see if it would go up and then to see if the entire skid steer would move. It did!

The funniest part had to be when I came from behind the barn and the owner, in his truck, seen me driving it. He was amazed at my determination. The best part though was seeing the looks on the retail employees faces- absolute relief that they no longer had to use the wagons to pull around one or two 15 & 20 gallon trees at a time.

That was not my only time I worked on a skid steer. I helped repair a skid steer that needed a starter replaced- the 6675, which was a tedious job to say the least.

I understand what down time means and it is no fun at all. You lose precious time and business.

That is why I am here to serve YOU. As the founder, Arnie Hernandez has taught both Mike and I, it is much more important to his business that he makes friends with clients alike than just making another sale.

If we know that a specific item can be purchased at a lower cost we will tell you!

Recently, we had received a quote request from a gentleman regarding a very expensive computer part for a piece of equipment. Rather than just call him back and quote him the price for a new one, Mike suggested he try using electronic contact cleaner on the contacts before breaking down and buying an item that is going to cost the business thousands of dollars. The gentleman was extremely thankful that Mike instead gave him this advice- he had not thought of before.

Industrial Products & Equipment, Inc. sources new/used equipment, parts, supplies, and tools for individuals and businesses all around the globe. Let us assist you. Visit our website.


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